Freedom Through Movement: Reclaiming Life’s Simple Pleasures

Aspen Coaching was initially recommended to Dave by a close friend of his.

At the time, Dave had persistent shoulder pain, knee pain, and back pain. So just the just the thought of exercise was often dismissed as a means of preventing further damage.

Being an engineer, Dave spends a lot of time behind a desk on a computer. So you can imagine the discomfort one would feel stepping into an environment where people are doing handstands, hanging from bars, and jumping about all over the place.

Understandably hesitant, Dave stayed in our beginners Ground Work classes for around six months. When he felt comfortable progressing, he ventured into our Strength Classes, Mobility Classes, Handstand Classes, and FM Movement Classes.

He now works extensively with Aspen Coach Glenn Robson in a Private Coaching environment. He combines this work with a selection of classes each week to suit his needs.


Two years on, Dave can now touch his toes, sit in a resting squat, kick up to a handstand, and is currently working on building the strength to achieve his first chin up.

His entire lifestyle has changed, with his daily routine now unrecognisable when compared to what it once was.

This successful effort to turn back the clock has seen Dave reclaim some of the simple pleasures in life, such as hiking and early morning beach swims, as mentioned in the above video.


The body adapts to the requirements we demand of it, so if you’re not moving, it’s going to get really good at doing exactly that – not moving! This was exactly the state in which Dave found himself; stiff and immobile.

Thank you for coming in with an open mind Dave. The entire Aspen family is very proud and we’re excited to see what the future has in store for you.

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