Private Coaching


How often do you truly get to focus on yourself?

At Aspen we offer private coaching for those that want their movement training to be a little more personal and individualised.

Our Mount Hawthorn gym space provides a welcoming learning environment ideal for these types of sessions. All of our sessions are 60 minutes in duration and the sole focus of each session is you.

We believe that the most meaningful relationships are long term and sustainable change happens slowly over time. This is why we sell our private sessions in packs.

If done right, private coaching can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Private Coaching Pricing

I do not have an Aspen membership.
5 Pack
10 Pack
20 Pack
I have Aspen's Solo or Group membership.
5 Pack
10 Pack
20 Pack
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Wondering how we’ll be able to help you? Want to organise a free consult? Send us a message with any questions you have about our Private Coaching sessions.