Life is seasonal.

The schedule and the clock sometimes trick us into thinking it’s not.

For the past 8 years we have built a business. We poured our heart and our soul into it but we are not who we were when we started this. The coming of our second child has clearly announced that our season has changed.

For those of you that don’t know us we have two burning desires in life. The first is to help facilitate people experience their bodies in a different light. The second is to be fully present with our family as it grows.

We experience the world through our physical body. It’s an irrefutable truth. For that reason changing the way someone experiences their body can be deeply profound. It can be life changing. It’s why we started Aspen in the first place.

To be fully present with our family as it grows comes back to another irrefutable truth – you only get to experience life once. Time passes quick. Kids grow fast. Blink and you will miss it.

So with all of this in mind we decided not to look back with regret. We decided not to blink. A business can be rebuilt or reshaped as needed but these precious times cannot.

It’s time to step back and focus on the family, even if that means letting go of our proudest achievement – the space we ran our business from. But that does not mean we have given up on sharing burning desire number 1. It just means we are going to experiment with different formats of achieving that goal.

Aspen and its values exist outside of the building in which it was housed. We will be doing personal training, small group sessions, pop-up classes around Perth, workshops, events and retreats.

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- Emma & Glenn

Upcoming events

Meditation, Mindful Movement and Spinal Flow Pop Up



Jorgensen Park Community Centre

Organic Strength Pop Up



Inspired Movement Perth

Zero Forms + Speed Tool


6:30am - 8:00am

Britannia Reserve, Mt Hawthorn

Organic Strength



Inspired Movement Studio

Organic Strength



Inspired Movement

Spinal Waves against wall

Spinal Waves #4



Chris Wilson Fitness Studio HIGHGATE


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