Inspired by FM

These classes see us draw from our inspiration and education from the Fighting Monkey Practice. Coaches Emma Robson and Glenn Robson have been working closely with Jozef Frucek and his team to improve their understanding of the human body and creating better ways to move, learn, and share.

Our Inspired by Fighting Monkey (FM) classes will look at developing the following layers of movement:

– Co-ordination
– Rhythm
– Kinetic Potential
– Power Exploration
– Strength

Each of these physical layers can not be explored without having grasped the layer that proceeds it.

If the body moves as one, and the joints coordinate efficiently, like an animal, we start to find rhythm. Without which, we’re unable to effectively explore kinetic potential and the¬†power and strength that derives from it.

By gaining a better understanding of our mind and body we can start to improve, protect, and live a better quality of life by creating physical freedom.

In these classes we aim to challenge you by challenging you comfort zone, interacting with others, moving in new ways, and asking questions.

We work with the 9 Speed Tool, Co-ordinations, Practice Ball, Zero Forms, Body Body, and more.

The Inspired by FM Movement Classes are suitable for all levels and experience. If you are particularly new or are managing any specific injuries, please get in touch with us first to discuss the suitability of our classes for your situation.