About Aspen

Our goal was to create a positive environment that promotes education and growth, because that’s what we stand for.

We didn’t want Aspen to feel like a gym. We wanted Aspen to feel like somewhere you would hang out. We wanted everyone to know each other, and bring a strong sense of community to the space.

Meet The Team

Paul Twyman

Director / Coach

The most important aspect of Paul’s life is family. He lives and trains the way he does because he hopes to be a positive role model to his kids…

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Emma Robson

Director / Coach

If you ask Emma why she trains, she won’t rattle off a list of physical goals, because for her, the process of learning something new, the discipline of…

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Glenn Robson

Director / Coach

Glenn started training because he needed to develop some positive coping mechanisms. This process taught him a lot about…

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Sue Tippett


Sue is the type of person that you’ll never see without a smile on her face! She is a coach who prides herself on her ability to…

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Matt Wilkins


As an active contributor to WA’s Homeless Community, Matt is a coach who understands that mental health is just as important as…

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Vini Romeo


Apart from the physicality of movement itself, Vini has always found something fascinating about exploring the concepts and…

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Analeigh Brown


Analeigh is on a journey of self-discovery. She has learnt many things that make a healthier life easier to achieve. Her goal is to simply…

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Sandy Blockey


The organiser and doer of all things at reception. Sandy is not only Emma’s mum, but a mum to all of the Aspen family! Sandy…

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