Community Movement Session #2


A much cooler day greeted us for our second Free Outdoor Community Movement Session! Having pushed for space at the previous location due to an overwhelming turnout, we decided on a location with a tad more space. Located on the border of Scarborough, Cobb Drabble Reserve was a fantastic location to hold this community session.


Taking this session was Aspen Coach Emma Blockey, who – with assistance from Coach TJ – began with a few stretches as a warm-up. Partner games with an emphasis on balance and coordination were then introduced as the main component of the session. To begin with, participants found themselves balancing on narrow wooden logs, whilst simultaneously throwing and catching a tennis ball to one another. Harder variations were introduced when everyone began to get the hang of it!


Coaches PaulGlenn, and Sue also made it down to the session, joining in with the partner games and offering a few tips to some new faces. Paul brought his hand-balance canes down to the session, and those confident enough on their hands were giving the canes a go, challenging the bounds of their comfort zones as a result of the increased elevation!


As the session came to an end, a sprinkle of light rain was widely welcomed as a means to cool down. Before the pack dispersed to enjoy the rest of their weekend, we snagged a photo of the group that helped make this session such a great one!


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