Emma Blockey

Senior Coach

Emma Blockey is a Senior Coach and a co-founder of Aspen Coaching. She has worked in the health and fitness industry for over ten years. In that time, she has developed a passion for seeing people achieve freedom, confidence, and strength in their lives by attaining better physical health through movement and the concept of self-care.


Working with a broad range of clients of varying skill levels, Emma is an advocate for assisting people to develop sustainable change to enable and promote their big picture health goals. Emma has a particular interest in helping clients who are recovering from injury and/or suffer from chronic pain by addressing joint mobilisation, strength and body awareness.


Emma’s approach to training is grounded in forming a strong foundation built on mastery of the basics. She applies this equally to herself and undertakes an ongoing program of professional and skill development, which she incorporates in to her training regimen for each client. Currently, Emma is studying the Ido Portal method and works closely with various health coaches to continually educate and improve her wellbeing.


When I was 17 I had a terrible car accident where I sustained many injuries on the left side of my body. I shattered my left lower leg which has never completely healed…

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Over the past 20 years from about the age of twenty I’ve suffered with unexplained chronic back pain with many acute bed-ridden episodes in between…

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