Glenn Robson

Senior Coach

Glenn Robson is a Senior Coach with a strong love of teaching and exploring movement. Having built on his 2006 Bachelor of Sport Science with various qualifications in club weightlifting, kettlebell work and personal training, Glenn has a wealth of knowledge and skill which he shares with and develops in his clients. More recently he has begun studying movement methodologies under the guidance of Ido Portal.


Glenn is a strong believer in technique development and a passionate advocate of increased performance rather than purely aesthetic goals. Glenn’s biggest strength is his belief in a positive mind-set and a holistic approach to training which helps people develop their understanding of movement. This is underpinned by Glenn’s belief that the body and mind are vehicles to experience the world, which makes him one of the most motivational coaches clients are likely to encounter.


Glenn will always strive to help people get the best out of themselves and refuses to let them quit when he knows they are capable of achieving more than they believe. He is a strong advocate of movement and training supporting positive mental health outcomes and works with a number of clients as part of a holistic approach to their recovery.

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