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Bob Running Transformation

An Osteopath’s Marathon Journey

29th April 2019 Sitting here with legs that ache like hell, the complete and utter exhaustion of running yesterday’s London Marathon still lingers – and…

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Coordination Word


To us, Coordination isn’t about being capable of elaborate and impressive dance moves. In our eyes, Coordination is about having your joints interacting properly, and in…

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Proprioception is very important to the brain as it plays a big role in self-regulation, coordination, posture, body awareness, speech, and the ability to attend and focus. Proprioception…

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Being resilient means being able to adapt quickly and become stronger through applied stressors. We want you to elevate in all areas of health, to…

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We have Strength as one of our key pillars of teaching. However, our definition of the word may differ to yours.

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As human beings, everything that makes us who we are is in a constant state of flux. We’re creating and disposing of millions of cells…

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Beginner Handstand

How To: Handstands For Beginners

On the surface, handstands appear as nothing more than a neat party trick. It isn’t until we dive a little deeper that we realise how…

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Fighting Monkey Denmark Intensive 2019

We ask people “what do you do?” As if it should have a one-word answer. But it’s not that simple. I am a human, being, trying,…

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Training During Pregnancy: Prevent Postpartum Back Pain

Sarah Barker first started training with Aspen Coaching shortly after the birth of her second child. It was after a taxing pregnancy that she was…

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Spinal Waves: Ease Back Pain and Alleviate Spinal Tension

Movements like Spinal Waves reduce tension in tight muscles by gently encouraging movement in areas that have remained rigid for years.

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