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Why You May Need a Health Coach

Posted on: October 24th, 2019 by Emma Robson No Comments

I’ve been involved in the Health and Fitness Industry for 13 years; since my first job at a juice bar, to now owning and managing my own gym.

I’ve spent countless hours researching different aspects of Health and Wellbeing. But despite all this, I still need a health coach. Let me tell you why.


My Journey

My journey started when I was 17, while working at the Local Juice bar. Back then, juice bars weren’t common, it was quite unique that our little town up in the hills had one.

I thought it was so cool that you could dump a whole bunch of fruits and veggies into a blender and create this amazingly tasty, healthy drink.

It didn’t pay much, but I didn’t care. I worked as best I could, came in early, stayed late, and kept myself busy.

I became obsessed. I sought out all the superfoods I could find. I learnt how to read food labels.

What I found out changed my life – all of a sudden I wanted to prepare all my food from scratch.

After this, my first serious job was at the local gym. I worked behind the desk in administration and cleaning duties while I finished high school and got my qualifications as a Personal Trainer. I would attend as many gym classes as I could; lifting weights, cardio sessions, anything! I loved it!

I have been extremely persistent in my journey to improve my health and wellbeing. I can honestly say that aesthetics are not the driving force behind this. That being said, it is nice to feel confident in the skin you are in. But it has always been more important to me how I feel, rather than what I look like.

Trying to stay on top of health is a constant hunt for information, constant experimenting, and trying the things I read about. I’m constantly seeking out opposing info, because no matter what you google, there is a very strong argument for and against everything nowadays.

As the years have progressed, my eagerness to learn about the body has not waned. It has, however, evolved as more and more information comes into the mix. More challenges, more struggles, more variability, more uncertainty.

Amongst the self-driven journey, I have had some key mentors that have helped me when I’ve been unsure what to do next.

Humans have this natural instinct for tunnel vision – we see only what we want to see.

Once one becomes aware of this, you can practice looking outside the tunnel. At first it’s very blurry, but sometimes, seeking out other people to help can be very insightful.


A Slap in the Face

My first slap in the face came when I was 23 years old.

I came off the pill because I had heard of some negative implications with it. 1 month after stopping I started gaining weight. I had always sat around 62-64kgs. Before I knew it was 69kgs, then 74kgs, I peaked at 79kgs in just 3 months of being off the pill. In addition, I experienced some really bad acne around my neck and jawline.

By this point, I had been a Personal Trainer for 5 years and thought I knew what I was doing. I exercised a lot. I ate all my superfood smoothies, raw balls, kale salads, and steamed broccoli.

What was happening? Why could I not explain the changes with my body?

At around the same time, I split up with my boyfriend in a very rough way. This combination of events caused me to be highly stressed. It resulted in a lot of anxiety and being very confused.

I was sitting there having PT consults with people talking to them about how I could help them lose weight and feel great, yet I couldn’t even achieve this for myself. I wasn’t sure what was going on and I felt shameful and useless.

A visit to the GP ended with a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).  The doctor told me to go back on the pill, take metformin (diabetes medication), and spoke to me about my fertility. She advised me that I would struggle to have children.

I was pretty rocked by this considering how much I had looked after my wellbeing over the years.

Being the health nut I was, I refused to accept a lifetime of medication. I delved back into the world of google and started to look into a deeper understanding of health.

Up until this point, my internal world was a never a consideration in my health journey – I only ever looked at food and exercise.

I started to research the endocrine system, stress, and emotional health. My gut feeling was that the answer was there somewhere.


My First Health Coach

I decided I couldn’t tackle this issue alone. I took the results from my GP and booked a couple of sessions with a counsellor and a holistic lifestyle coach. I listened to podcasts and read about other peoples journeys. Many of these stories were super uplifting, with stories of people completely rewriting their future by making changes to their lifestyle, drug free.

My Health Coach taught me a lot about slowing down, eating fat, getting rid of guilt around certain foods, and gave me more ways to measure progress.

I looked at my bowel movements, my sleep quality, how long it took me to feel awake in the morning, and the regularity of my sleep.

I learnt a lot and the weight began to shift.

The first 5kgs dropped off, and I slowly went down back into the 60’s.

I never dropped below 68kgs. This is my new normal. I feel healthy and happy here, I don’t have guilt around food.

I am not perfect. I look at my health differently now and incorporate my whole universe into my decisions.

When we opened my gym Aspen, I was working a lot. I didn’t have time to cook as much, so I let myself eat more meals out. I bent the rules a little because the stress wasn’t worth it, at this particular time of my life.


Another Slap in the Face

Fast forward a few years, everything was looking good. I was training hard with some very specific strength goals. I was putting everything into my physical practice and was getting a lot of results physically.

However, after 18 months of this, I experienced another crash.

This time, my body was giving me feedback that something wasn’t right. My period wasn’t regular at all. I didn’t have energy. I felt tired all the time. People commented that they thought I had a black eye because of the bags I had.


My Second Health Coach

Back to the drawing board.

I was feeling overwhelmed, and given the progress I’d made with my previous health coach, I sought out to get help from another, this time working remotely with someone in America.

I had all my bloods done, hormone panel, gut permeability, microbiome, and commenced a short stint of health coaching to seek out what I couldn’t see.

Or maybe what I knew but couldn’t address alone.

The simplified conclusion was that this time I wasn’t eating anywhere enough for the output I desired.

I was pretty restrictive on carbs and I was pushing my body without refuelling and recovering enough.

After a couple of months of health coaching, I had new actions and a new plan to get me back on track and in control of how I was feeling.

I realised I had stopped paying attention to my sleep quality, and coffee intake. I was under-eating, and was also beating myself up about it all because, “I should know better!”


Learn To Seek Help

I have learnt a lot in my 13 years of being in the health and fitness industry.

I have learnt that things change – what worked for me in the past may not work for me in the future.

I have learnt that I get tunnel vision and possess biases towards certain ways of thinking and acting.

I have learnt to ask for help, take guidance from those around me, and question more.

Health Coaching is something that has helped me immensely. Tracking all aspects of your wellbeing can be a tedious and often overwhelming task to take on by yourself.

It is this very reason that drove my desire to provide this service for our community.

We recently launched Aspen Lifestyle, a Health Coaching venture in collaboration with our long-time friend, Analeigh Brown.

If you want to feel better, have more energy, enjoy food, and learn strategies to take control of your wellbeing, please consider getting in touch with her.

Aspen Lifestyle: Creating Healthy Relationships With Food

Posted on: July 15th, 2019 by Analeigh Brown No Comments

The Aspen Coaches have done a pretty epic job at helping us with our fitness and providing us with such a supportive and amazing community. As a member of Aspen myself I can’t speak highly enough of the unique and quality coaching I’ve received over the last year.

The coaches genuinely care about each and every member and their achievements and goals. But more importantly, they understand that fitness is only one piece of the health puzzle. This is why they wanted to go a step further and offer health and lifestyle coaching.

In addition to the movement training we take part in at Aspen, there are other aspects of our lives that are just as important to our overall health, including nutrition, sleep, and mindset.

I’ve come on board to help members evaluate what parts of their life could be preventing them from achieving their health goals, and what improvements could be made to have them kicking butt and feeling great.



Analeigh Brown

I am a mother of 2 and my kids are the reason I am so passionate about learning how to create a healthy lifestyle to live optimally. I’ve always been reasonably healthy but I wasn’t always so conscious of nutrition.

When I was 17, I started modelling. After being told I needed to lose weight, I turned to a gym to try to address my weight, but never really considered looking at what I was eating.

At the time, I was probably a size 10 so I was very lucky I had thick skin and didn’t fall into the trap of self loathing that so many people justifiably would.

I saw so many horrible diet choices within the industry, the most common was deprivation. With all the saturation of highly photoshopped images of amazing bodies we’re surrounded with it’s no wonder young girls and guys have such unrealistic desires for their own bodies.

It took me about 10 years and my first child to realise that modelling wasn’t for me and I couldn’t handle the constant judgement of my face and body; something that is totally out of my control.

It wasn’t until a few years later when I was asked by multiple people if my son had ADHD that I really started to become interested in nutrition.

Removing sugar and processed foods from our diets had such a profound effect on my son, it made me start to scrutinise everything we were eating.

I soon realised that even a typical healthy diet can be laden with sugar and even nastier chemicals.

It got me thinking that if most people’s diets are filled with these chemicals, it’s no wonder disease rates are climbing so fast.

I wondered about what would have happened if I didn’t turn to my son’s diet first, and instead decided to take him to a psychologist for his behavioural issues.

I spent the next 5 years changing the way we ate as a family. I went through an immense amount of stress in doing so, and it was one of the hardest challenges I’ve faced.

I spent countless hours researching with podcasts and articles and it opened my eyes to the sheer number of health issues that can be triggered by eating a standard Australian diet.



Health in Australia

Currently over two thirds of the Australian adult population are overweight or obese and these numbers are rising.

The fact that 1 in 4 children are overweight or obese is just staggering, it’s absolutely heartbreaking! Obviously we are doing something wrong. It’s not just the weight, we also have rapidly rising numbers of chronic illness’, such as asthma, arthritis, depression, and diabetes.

Through my journey, I’ve heard a countless number of stories in which people have rid themselves of these diseases and found their way to good health purely through changing their lifestyle and nutrition. This inspired me to help others to do the same, and raise the next generation to be conscious of their health so the current crisis doesn’t continue on the same trajectory.

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding health, and most commonly, nutrition. We’ve been told so many opposing arguments that it’s hard to know where to turn and who to trust. We’ve been told that meat causes cancer, fat makes us fat, diet coke is better for us, margarine is healthier than butter, and the list goes on.

For decades, most of the population believed low-fat was the way to go. We started looking at diet this, and low-fat that.

Ironically, the more low-fat foods we ate as a nation, the fatter we became.

With literally thousands of diets, our options are close to endless. But if anything, I think it’s time we move away from counting calories and trying to lose weight, and start to consider weight-loss as a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle.

With a shift in mindset around diet, and the ability to enjoy the foods you love without total deprivation, there will be even better outcomes than losing weight.


Our Values

Don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely love food. I love butter, bacon, ice cream, and beer. I couldn’t think of anything worse than depriving myself of one of life’s greatest pleasures.

I feel like we can create a healthy relationship with food so we can still enjoy the things we love, but also have the ability to practice moderation and to read our bodies to know what’s serving us.

I’m hoping to help people to reconnect with their body and learn to listen to the body’s signals so they can avoid ill health and achieve their potential.

While rates of chronic illness and obesity continue to climb at an alarming rate, confusion around how to solve it continues. Most people are shocked to learn that over 85% of these diseases are driven by behaviour and environment and not our genes. That means we have the power to prevent or reverse chronic illness by adopting healthier habits.

As simple as that sounds, change is anything but easy. It takes drive, motivation, and strategy to change our habits—especially if we’ve been doing things a certain way for a long time.

Most of all however, it takes support. This is where a health coach comes in to play. My goal as a health coach is to empower people to create a sustainable lifestyle that brings long term health and vitality.

So, are you ready to take the step to focus on you and your health. You may be living healthily but are you living optimally? Do you want to lose weight, feel more energy, stress less, sleep better, and learn how to cook healthy meals to nourish yourself? Are you overwhelmed by all the nutrition information out there and want to work out what’s right for you?

Book your free consultation and we can delve into how you can achieve your health goals and, as a result, live your optimal life.

We want to empower you to recalibrate your relationship with food so you can create a healthy lifestyle that is both sustainable and enjoyable.

We all have the best intentions when setting new health goals, but the truth of the matter is that we often give up soon after starting, especially if weight loss starts to plateau or if it all becomes too difficult.

Having a health coach to be an accountability partner will help you to see your goals through, to the point where it becomes second nature.

If you would like to discuss your current state of health and address what could be standing in your way of achieving optimal health, book your free consultation and make a plan for a better future.

I look forward to hearing from you!