The Physical

As a physical skill, Mobility needs defining.

Mobility is about having openness in our joints and the strength and awareness to be able to use it.

Being mobile without strength is called Flexibility and, contrary to popular belief, this isn’t always a beneficial attribute to have. In fact, there are just as many injuries associated with being too flexible as there are being too stiff.

We want you to be mobile and capable. We want you to understand the limits of your body.

Physically, we want mobility through motion. The ability to go in and out of a variety of ranges to create more comprehensive and complex movement patterns.


The Mental

As a concept, being mobile is being able to move from place to place when needed. Knowing when the work is done and it is time move on. Knowing when there is work to put in and time to give.

Taking this definition and applying it in a mental aspect means being mobile in your thoughts; understanding that everyone is here for different purposes and has different strengths.

We are not all the same and each person should be respected as such.

The context of a persons life and situation is important and you should be concerned with understanding your own first, rather than those of the people around you; help yourself to help others.


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