Community Movement Session #3


With the sun still low in the sky, trees cast lengthy shadows across the location of this month’s Free Outdoor Community Movement Session. A section of grass in Fremantle Esplanade Park was our area of choice. It sat not too far from the youth skatepark, already buzzing with activity. Overlooked by the iconic Fremantle Ferris Wheel, Aspen Coaches Emma Blockey and Glenn Robson commenced the movement class.


Once again, a collection of new faces scattered amongst the familiar, with Aspen coaches Luke Linthorne and Sue Tippett joining the collection of participants. Also joining in was Aerials Instructor, Shae Holden, who had previously guided Emma and Glenn through a 6 Week Beginner Level Aerials Course.


After a warm-up, the group was organised into partners. Pairs were then shown a mobility game using a wooden stick, that – as time went on – became harder as more layers were introduced. The addition of each layer aimed to challenge balance, sensitivity, articulation of the spine, and the ability to problem solve. This particular drill was introduced to Emma and Glenn at the recent Movement Camp with Ido Portal in Thailand.


The second half of the movement class was dedicated to locomotion and hip mobility. Emma began by demonstrating a combination of movements that participants would repeat as a group. Once complete, everyone then returned to pairs, tackling the skills as partners, with one person giving guidance and feedback, and the other person working on the skill set.


The session concluded with a cool down, and those with any questions had a chat to our friendly coaches afterwards.


With turnouts such as the ones we’ve had toward our community sessions, it makes our coaches here at Aspen really excited about future events and connecting with all of you. We really appreciate everyone coming down to support the movement community here in Perth. We can’t wait to see you at our next Community Movement Class!


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