From Crossfit to Aspen: Fighting 5 Herniated Discs

Bex came to us as a last resort. She had 5 herniated discs and could no long do what she loved… Crossfit! She had been  regularly participating in CrossFit for over 6 years, 6 x per week, it’s fair to say that she loved it and it was certainly a big part of her life!

However, once she was injured she was advised to stop and only do bodyweight training from here onward. Devastated, but knowing that she needed to keep exercise in her life, she reluctantly walked through our doors.

That was a year ago.

Today Bex is stronger than ever. She has a more balanced perspective to her exercise that sees her body responding with very positive results.

Her back pain problems are gone and  she has been pain free for a long time. She has the confidence to lift again (5×5 100kg Deadlifts), she is learning new movement patterns and unlearning others, she has hit many milestones and continues to be shocked that you do not need to smash yourself to remain in good shape and move well.Learning that we can do less in order to do more.

Thanks for sharing some of your story Bex. We are inspired by the changes you have made and the courage you show to continuously turn up, work diligently and ensure that your past injury does not define you.

We hope that by sharing these conversations it resonates with someone else out there who has a similar story and is looking to walk a different path.

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