Enduring Severe Depression: A Story Of Mental Health

In August of 2018, Gabriel was admitted to hospital after attempting to take his own life. He was battling major depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder that left him feeling lost and hopeless.

After eventually being realised from hospital, Gabriel’s brother convinced him to come down to Aspen and meet the team and community.

Having always worked out at home due to an anxiety of exercising around other people, Gabriel was understandably very hesitant. But he decided to push through this blockade and try Aspen for a week.

“I joined thinking I’d just give it a week or two…I spent about a week here and loved it and haven’t looked back since…”

From day one, Gabriel felt a welcoming and warm environment at Aspen, and the Aspen community has played a large part in his change and growth.

In the past, Gabriel would primarily focus his training on developing his strength. It wasn’t until he came to Aspen that he began realising the importance of balancing his strength with flexibility and mobility. It took some convincing, but Gabriel has made remarkable progress with regards to his flexibility during his time at Aspen.

Like many people, Gabriel was initially hesitant about bodyweight-only strength. He was under the impression that he would lose strength transitioning from barbell and dumbbell exercises, to predominantly bodyweight movements.

Two years later, and he now realises this to not be the case. Gabriel is now stronger than he ever has been. He is also significantly more mobile, with his body much more balanced than before.

Gabriel has also become a consistent participant of Aspen’s handstand classes. His drive in this area found him recently achieving his first 30-second freestanding handstand – quite the achievement for someone who had never even tried a handstand before joining our community.

“if I told myself three years ago what I’m doing now I wouldn’t have believed myself…”

Today, Gabriel is almost unrecognisable from the shy and nervous person who walked through the Aspen doors two years ago. Armed with a smile on his face, he’s always keen to have a laugh with other members and the coaches during his almost daily visits to Aspen.

“the biggest positive that I can see coming out of that experience is the whole community at Aspen…it’s just a very welcoming community…”


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