To us, Coordination isn’t about being capable of elaborate and impressive dance moves. In our eyes, Coordination is about having your joints interacting properly, and in harmony with one another. Some joints are supposed to provide stability, while others enable movements such as circumduction. We need each of them to be understood, not just in isolation, but in the context of the whole body.

This is not something you can be given. No therapist can manipulate you into being well coordinated. Just as you can’t tell someone how to play an instrument. They must spend time practising. When you hear a musician play their instrument, you can tell by the harmonising sounds whether they are good, it is not something you can fake. You either have good rhythm and harmony, or you don’t.

It’s the same with the body. When we are out of sync, we create discord. This is not good for our joints, tendons and ligaments. When too much force is getting dumped into one area, we start to create inflammation or a break down of tissue.

Coordination is about being able to distribute force throughout the whole bodily structure. It is about being loosely interconnected from our toes to our fingers.

When the body is out of order, a lot of negative consequences can occur. It can cause us to not move well, to not breath well, and may even inhibit our ability to digest food well. Working on your coordination is about bringing the body away from chaos, and into order.

We work on various coordination patterns learnt from the Fighting Monkey Practice. These patterns help to balance our biomechanics, create elasticity in our joints, allow the shoulder blade to glide over the ribs more freely, and stimulate our lymphatic system.

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