With 2017 fast appraoching, many of us are considering taking on a new years resolution of some sort. Ultimately, there’s no restriction as to what these goals can be. They can range from career goals and personal goals, to eyebrow goals and squad goals – it’s up to you! But chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re considering goals that are health, fitness, or diet related to get you started in 2017.


People planning to engage in vigorous diets or workouts are often driven by the notion of “looking good”. Without moderation, this approach to training can end up causing damage to your body. Your body may end up looking good, but you may also lose the ability to generally move without pain or restriction, ultimately creating boundaries on the activities you can truly enjoy in life. Looking good, therefore, should be a by-product, and not a primary focus of your training.


We here at Aspen would encourage you to embrace Movement as the approach to these goals. Movement Coaching shifts your perspective from short term achievements to looking at the bigger picture. In a nutshell, Movement involves abolishing the mentality of training for aesthetics and general fitness, and instead promotes focusing on strengthening the body in a more natural, balanced, human way. With this approach focusing mainly on bodyweight strength, flexibility, and mobility, this type of training is accessible to anyone, no matter what ability, age, or condition they’re in. We accept that that may be hard to believe, so feel free to check out our testimonials.


Our Movement practice can be experienced through a range of mediums – as shown on our services page. From personalised Private Coaching to Weekly Classes and 6 Week Courses, there’s something for everyone! If you’re wanting to come and have a chat, or perhaps join in with a Movement session, keep an eye out for our Free Outdoor Community Movement Session. We’re constantly updating the schedule and social media with new items for you to attend, and 2017 will be no exception, so ensure you stay tuned!


No matter what your health goals are in 2017 – whether they’re diet related, fitness related, perhaps you want to get started with a personal trainer, or a movement coach – we here at Aspen Coaching wish you all the best with your new years resolution, and a fantastic new year!


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