We offer a range of channels through which you can experience our movement coaching.
Whether you’re looking for personalised, one-on-one sessions, or a friendly class environment to begin your movement journey, we’ve got you covered.

Private Coaching

Private Coaching will ensure you are working directly towards what your body needs. It will involve a combination of strength, mobility, patterning, and skill work.

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Class dynamics allow for connection with other people, integration of concepts and can be a great cost effective way to progress your movement practice.

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Courses are outcome based teachings that take place over a 6 week time period. Courses are a great way to practice consistency and maintain accountability.

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Events are one-off items that may involve special guest workshops, free community sessions, or unique Aspen classes.

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Online Coaching

Too far to commute? Perhaps you’re in a different country? Don’t let that stop you from experiencing our coaching!

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