The Aspen Training and Development sessions give our coaches the chance to not only expand their knowledge and abilities, but also allow them the opportunity to try something totally new! The Coaches come together every week to collaborate on ideas, learn from other industry leaders, and upskill themselves in the areas of coaching, physical development, injury and pain management, and business operations.


In association with Ninja Academy Perth, Aspen Coaching organised for Shae Holden to come and teach a 6-Week Beginner Level Aerials Course for our coaches and members of the Ninja Academy community. Aspen Coaches Emma Blockey and Glenn Robson took on the challenge with a few others, and after some instruction, they were making their way up and down the silks before they knew it!


Each week, the class would add another layer to their technique, and by the end of the 6 Weeks, Emma and Glenn were moving up and down the silks, and performing manoeuvres, with confidence!


This course was definitely a departure from what both Emma and Glenn are used to, but the willingness and ability of our coaches to acquire new skills from a range of different teachers and disciplines is what makes Aspen Coaching so unique. This accumulation of knowledge and skills results in a group of coaches with an unparalleled understanding of skill acquisition and physical adaptation.


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