Life changing and life saving: From fearing to loving the gym

On 30th sept 2018 Sarah stepped foot into Aspen for the first time – and for her it was a huge moment.

After a damaging experience as a gym goer with a poorly trained PT, Sarah was pushed to the point of illness and vowed to never step foot in a gym again.

But meeting Ben, her PT and being introduced to Aspen through him, changed everything.

Sick of lifting weights and running on machines without purpose, Sarah has seen amazing improvements in her flexibility, functionality and mobility. From not being able to reach the floor with straight legs, she can now place her hands flat on the ground, and is gunning for her first 30 second handstand.

For Sarah, though, the mental gains have been the most significant.

Having suffered from anxiety and depression in the past, Aspen has become not just a release but a highlight in her days – something to look forward to and be motivated by. 

With huge improvements in her confidence  – both in speaking to others and in herself – Sarah has been able to use Aspen as a motivating force to continually improve and grow both physically and as a person.

Spurred on by the healthy and motivating competition that the friendly and empowering Aspen community creates, she now feels inspired instead of anxious, capable instead of deficient, proud instead of defeated.

It’s safe to say that Aspen has 100% turned around her outlook on going to the gym – which makes sense really – we aren’t your average gym!

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