A different approach to movement

Aspen isn’t your usual kind of gym. 
Our goal is to redefine exercise, movement and how you relate to your body.
Because we believe that every body deserves to experience joy and possibility through physicality.

Our Philosophy


You know you only get one body. But you might not know how incredible yours is – and we guarantee, it can do more than you ever thought possible. 

At Aspen, we use a wide range of diverse practices to teach movement in a way that enriches your quality life and changes the capabilities of your body – both inside and outside of the gym.  

Our goal? To help you become more mobile and love the body you’re in.

Through skills such as handstands and the use of tools like gymnastic rings, we seek to increase functional bodyweight strength to help you to coordinate and balance yourself in order to move better. 

We help you to be strong, supple, resilient, balanced and informed through a nourishing and stimulating environment for growth, healing and development.

The cherry on top? Our teaching is enriched by our social and supportive community, which has become a defining aspect of the Aspen collective.

Pillars of our Practice


1. Your sense of self.

2. Knowing your body, how it moves and where you are in space.

3. Your nervous system has an accurate and healthy stress response, and your cognitive functioning is being tested and improved.


1. Knowing your body and how it needs to move in order to move optimally.


1. Adapting quickly and becoming stronger through applied stressors.

2. Being mentally strong, physically capable and adaptable to change.

3. Having strong joints, tendons and organs.


1. A grounding in who you are and what you are here to do.

2. Having integrity in your words, and courage in your actions.

3. Having integrity in your entire structure to support you under various loads, in various positions, and most importantly, in motion,


1. Being flexible in your thoughts and habits.

2. Knowing when it’s time to work, time to rest or time to seek an alternate path.

3. Openness in your joints and the strength throughout the range to be able to use it.


1. The ability to zoom out and see your life as a whole.

2. Making conscious choices about what is in your life and how you interact with it.

3. Understanding how to balance your structure on your feet, hands and in motion.

A huge part of living a healthy life and achieving physical goals is dictated by our Nutrition and Lifestyle. This is why we have partnered with Analeigh Brown to bring Health Coaching into the conversation with Aspen Lifestyle.

Analeigh is forever sharing recipes, cooking tips and educating on the power of food. Find out more about how Health Coaching can help you achieve your goals here.

No matter what you’re trying to achieve with your physical practice, Aspen can help.

Whether you want to navigate the gymnastic rings, handstands, locomotion, coordination, mobility, or something else entirely – we can help you get to where you want to be. ​

With a focus on self-awareness, our goal is to help you cultivate a practise that is challenging, fun and inspiring.

Whether you want to attend once a week or come twice a day, we have a wide range of accessible options for you to be involved in our constantly growing community. 

Get in touch today to find out how you can join.


Pricing and Services


$ 30 per week
  • 1 physical class
    per week
    ($16.50 per additional class)
  • ADD ON
    Member's discount on Private Coaching
    $120 $100


$ 50 per week
  • 3 physical classes
    per week
    ($16.50 per additional class)
  • ADD ON
    Member's discount on Private Coaching
    $120 $100


$ 70 per week
  • Unlimited physical
    classes every week
  • ADD ON
    Member's discount on Private Coaching
    $120 $100
Most Popular


$ 140 per week
  • 1 private coaching session per week
  • Unlimited physical classes every week
  • ADD ON
    Member's discount on Private Coaching
    $120 $100
Best for


$100 per hour members
$120 per hour non members
$60 per person group sessions
(2-6 people)

Programming &
online coaching

$165 Basic program (4 to 8 weeks)

$275 Comprehensive program
(4 to 8 weeks)

Zoom Private $100 per 45 min

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you!

Let us know a little bit about who you are and what you would like to work on.

We’ll get in touch to discuss how Aspen can help get you moving towards your movement goals.