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Class Timetable

6:00U.B. StrengthL.B. StrengthHandstandsConditioningFM Inspired8:00S. Mobility
9:30U.B. StrengthL.B. StrengthF.B. MobilityU.B. StrengthConditioning9:00FM Inspired
10:30HandstandsFM InspiredHandstands10:00Ground Work
12:00SeniorsGround WorkSeniorsGround Work10:00Handstands
17:10Ground WorkGround WorkGround Work
17:10HandstandsFM InspiredLocomotionU.B. StrengthConditioning
18:15Ground WorkGround Work
18:15U.B. StrengthL.B. StrengthU.B. StrengthHandstandsFM Inspired
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Open Gym Timetable

7am - 6pm7am - 6pm7am - 6pm7am - 6pm7am - 6pm8am - 12pmClosed
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