I have been training with Paul for the past year and have achieved great results, improving my strength and mobility significantly. When I started with Paul I could not kick-up to a handstand and can now hold a handstand for almost 30 seconds and well on track to achieve my first major handstand goal of 60 seconds. Paul is passionate about health and wellbeing and this is demonstrated through his approach to training creating a motivating environment and sense of a whole training team amongst his clients. He finds the points within you that trigger you to challenge yourself and achieve more. He is constantly evolving his training techniques to bring the best to his clients that meet our individual goals and needs. Training sessions are always fun but challenging at the same time and are not only fantastic for physical fitness but also great for mental health as well. We all learn his favourite… “only 60 seconds”.


I have been coached by and trained with Paul for 4 years. Not only does he have excellent technical skills, he also has a deep understanding of the…

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Paul TwymanSenior Coach

The most important aspect of Paul’s life is family. He lives and trains the way he does because he hopes to be a positive role model to his kids…

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