Before I started training with Luke I had no upper body strength, I couldn’t do a proper push-up, they were always done on my toes, my core strength was minimal to nothing and my cardio was terrible. I also dreaded the thought of having to work out. It was a chore, something that I knew I had to do and forced myself to do it.


Once I started training with Luke, he introduced techniques to improve my body strength by doing moves I had never done before. I took on his coaching and now all my push-ups are on my toes and I have just reached a goal of getting a chest to bar chin up, something I never thought was possible. My core strength has improved tenfold and with his coaching week by week I also completed a 12km run, another first for me.


I now actually hate it when I can’t make a session and I enjoy every session and look forward to setting new goals with Luke knowing he will do whatever it takes to help me reach them.


I am so thankful for his coaching, I love the style of training he does and can’t wait to achieve more all thanks to him.


Since meeting Luke and having been trained by him on a regular basis for the past year my fitness and strength has improved significantly…

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Luke Linthorne

The driving force behind Luke is positive change because that’s something he has had to implement in his own life. If you ask him, he will tell you that he…

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