If you only take one thing from this, let it be that Emma is a truly inspirational person who helps you achieve great results through her commitment and dedication to her clients and their individual wellbeing.


I first began to train with Emma a couple of years ago just as I was beginning to recover from a long illness that had prevented me from training for a number of years and seen me gain 30kg, become extremely unfit with reduced flexibility and depression.


From my very first session with Emma I was struck by her compassion and genuine empathy. She helped me reframe my perspective of not only what was achievable, but more importantly, how a focus on strength, mobility and movement could get me to the place I aspired to be physically and mentally.


Since that first training session Emma has continued to support and motivate me. She openly shares her knowledge and skills and has provided the foundation to achieve some substantial changes to my life. I am now 20kg lighter than I was at day one, depression free and the strongest and most flexible I think I have ever been. I have learnt a whole new approach to training which is sustainable, achieves results and is fun.


I would highly recommend Emma to anyone who wants to develop their strength, mobility and achieve their personal goals.


Over the past 20 years from about the age of twenty I’ve suffered with unexplained chronic back pain with many acute bed-ridden episodes in between…

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When I was 17 I had a terrible car accident where I sustained many injuries on the left side of my body. I shattered my left lower leg which has never completely healed…

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Emma RobsonSenior Coach

If you ask Emma why she trains, she won’t rattle off a list of physical goals, because for her, the process of learning something new, the discipline of…

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