Since meeting Luke and having been trained by him on a regular basis for the past year my fitness and strength has improved significantly.


With other personal trainers I was always doing the same boring exercises and found myself dreading going to sessions and having to do the same thing over and over, week after week. I have had many different trainers in the past but have found them to be all the same.


Luke’s form of training is so different to most trainers I have had in the past. He also has a genuine interest in you succeeding and reaching your goals and is always wanting to know where you are at on your journey, keeping you accountable which is something that a lot of PT’s lack. He brings something different to the industry.


Now I actually enjoy going to training which is something I struggled with in the past and staying motivated is so much easier. I enjoy moving my body in different directions and seeing what I am capable of.


Even if you don’t not succeed at first, know that with Luke’s support in his training and the dedication he has to all his client’s that you will eventually get there in reaching your goals and then setting new ones.


Before I started training with Luke I had no upper body strength, I couldn’t do a proper push-up, they were always done on my toes, my core strength was minimal…

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