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Personalised Movement Programming

Our personalised home movement programming includes a PDF Program with full explanations and video demonstrations plus online support.

You’ll work closely with your assigned coach, enabling you to ask specific questions, and to submit videos for critique and feedback with regards to technique.

Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Primary Program $200

The primary program will address a single desired focus (e.g. Handstands or Muscle Up). This is the program to sign up for if you have a specific goal to work on.

Comprehensive Program $300

Our comprehensive program will address multiple focuses (e.g. Handstands, Rings, Mobility, and Coordination). This is the option to go with if you really want to change the way in which you move.

Personalised Movement Coaching

Work one on one with our coaches via Live Zoom Sessions. These are available to you wherever you are around the globe and can focus on any aspect of our practice from skill specific training such as handstands, gymnastics rings strength and the FM Speed Tool, to rehabilitative sessions to restore movement and balance in the body. 

One-on-one Online Session 
45 minutes $100AUD 

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