The Aspen Coaching Handstand Classes will enable you to progress your handstands in a friendly and welcoming environment.

You will develop stability and endurance on your hands in a variety of skills including handstands, elbow leavers, and crows; learning to interpret each and transition between them.

Reduce the likelihood of strain and injury by learning to warm up the wrists correctly and reinforce discipline by embracing proper technique and lines.

Our handstand classes are suitable for all levels; whether you’re a beginner aiming to achieve your first free-standing handstand, or perhaps you’re of a higher level and wish to explore shapes, entries, or various levels of elevation.

Even those who are experienced and wish to achieve a one-arm handstand can be catered for. Our handstand specialist Paul Twyman possesses years of experience with both handstands and coaching.

As a result of his desire to evolve and improve, Paul has travelled across the globe to attend hand-balancing workshops hosted by Yuval Ayalon, Miguel Sant’ana, and Yuval Oz. This accumulation of knowledge is brought back to Perth and translated to you in our class environment.

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