Covid-19 Update

Strength Through Diversity – This tagline couldn’t be more fitting right now as we navigate these challenging times. Covid, Government Mandates and fluctuating needs of our community amongst the ongoing passion to share with you movement classes that ignite a sense of play, curiosity and achievement.

We are remembering our values and being resilient, flexible and strong as we create solutions to the challenges thrown our way. 

As a small business we don’t have a huge amount of resources to pull from, but we have a huge amount of heart that goes into what we do, and we know that, that will get us through.

As of January 31st 2022, we have the government mandate to uphold that all people entering our facility will need to be double vaccinated. We have modified our schedule to accommodate needs and will be providing outdoor classes and online sessions by demand. This means we have had to tweak some classes on our regular schedule to allow for it to work. Please bear with us we do our best to keep you all informed on the changes.

Our timetable will always be live on the Aspen Coaching App. This is the best place to check what classes are happening and to make your bookings.

Below is a sample of Februarys timetable, please check in with our app for accurate details in case things change over the coming months.

Need to self isolate?
We offer online sessions via Zoom, and occasional online classes. If you find yourself stuck at home and wanting to keep moving, reach out to see what options we have on at the time. We also have many videos on our Members Only log in portal and YouTube to keep you progressing towards your goals.

Outdoor Classes

These run just like a regular Aspen class, you book via the app but turn up at the location specified on the app. You can pay casually upon arrival, or your membership will cover the class just like normal.
The content of the outdoor classes will fluctuate. With the ability to utilise the open space expect a bit more cardio!

We’re in Lock down!

If we have to close the gym due to Covid cases or a government enforced lock-down, we will move onto an online timetable for all our regular classes and private coaching sessions.

What’s really important here…

Your health and wellness should be one of your highest priorities. The healthier you are, the easier your body can overcome stressors and return to a sense of equilibrium after being sick. Your immune system is directly linked to your overall wellness. To have a healthy immune response to any illness requires you to address things that bring undue stress to your life.

What you do all day, how you think, how you rest, how you feed yourself will all have an impact.
Our advice… Go easy, show kindness to those around you and most importantly, yourself.  Find the things in your life that bring you joy, happiness and laughter and centre your world around that.