Part of what makes Aspen’s approach unique is the way it transcends demographics and backgrounds. It unites people through movement, connection, and community.

The Aspen corporate team building sessions can cater to a variety of different scenarios, regardless of participant occupation and position.

The approach is simple, we want people to experience their body in a new way. We want them to consider that ‘exercise’ can be more than what they perceive it to be, and by approaching things with a different perspective they may start to experience themselves in a more positive light.

We create scenarios that will challenge your balance, proprioception, coordination, focus, and attention. Creating opportunities to problem solve using your body, to find solutions other than the obvious and work collaboratively with your team mates.


What’s required?


What’s the cost?

We can be flexible with duration, numbers, and the general layout of the day. So if you have a unique idea or different circumstances that don’t fit into this standard package, let us know by enquiring below. We will be able to tailor something that suits.


Standard Corporate Session

Duration: 75 minutes

Location: Onsite at your workplace (within 30km of CBD no additional charge. For further commutes Aspen may add an additional fee)

10-18 People: $450 + GST

19-30 People: $600 + GST

31-50 People: $750 + GST

> 50 People: Contact Us


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