We see you; young on the inside and desperate to feel good in that body of yours.

We use modern, functional movement coaching to strengthen your body and give you confidence on your feet.


When are the classes?

Classes are 60-minutes in length. They commence at 12pm, on Mondays and Thursdays.

There is also a social meet-up every Monday, 11am at The Bodhi Tree Bookshop Cafe before the Monday class begins.


What’s the cost?

If you wish to attend just one class in the week, it will cost $15.

If you wish to attend both classes in a week, it will cost $25.


Have any questions?

Please feel free to get in touch using the contact form below!



6:00U.B. StrengthL.B. StrengthHandstandsConditioningFM Inspired8:00Coordination
9:30U.B. StrengthL.B. StrengthMobilityU.B. StrengthConditioning9:00FM Inspired
10:30HandstandsFM InspiredHandstands10:00Ground Work
12:00SeniorsGround WorkSeniorsGround Work10:00Handstands
17:05Ground WorkGround WorkGround Work
17:05HandstandsFM InspiredLocomotionU.B. StrengthConditioning
18:15Ground WorkGround Work
18:15U.B. StrengthL.B. StrengthCoordinationHandstandsLocomotion

Other Classes from the starter Series


Ground Work

Build the foundations of strength, body awareness, and mobility.

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