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Simply put, locomotion means to move from A to B.

As adults, it’s rare to learn something new with the body. The ageing process rapidly accelerates when the body stops moving and brain stops learning. Allow us to shake up your world, teach you something new, and have fun along the way.

In this unique movement class we will work on a variety of movement patterns, giving your body opportunities to move in different ways.

We work with the natural laws of gravity and motion to create more fluidity.

This class will vary in content and always be a challenge to the brain.

6:00U.B. StrengthL.B. StrengthHandstandsConditioningFM Inspired8:00S. Mobility
9:30U.B. StrengthL.B. StrengthF.B. MobilityU.B. StrengthConditioning9:00FM Inspired
10:30HandstandsFM InspiredHandstands10:00Ground Work
12:00SeniorsGround WorkSeniorsGround Work10:00Handstands
17:10Ground WorkGround WorkGround Work
17:10HandstandsFM InspiredLocomotionU.B. StrengthConditioning
18:15Ground WorkGround Work
18:15U.B. StrengthL.B. StrengthU.B. StrengthHandstandsFM Inspired