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Our conditioning classes are a sweaty, full body workout.

This full body conditioning class is one that will see your heart rate go up and your work capacity tested.

We don’t focus on HIIT or Cardio at Aspen. However, we know there is still a craving for some sweaty, heart-rate-increasing sessions to get an endorphin boost and to check in on those fitness levels.

Our conditioning classes will always have an emphasis on technique, and quality over quantity. We want participants of our conditioning classes to be energised by the work, not depleted by it.

Our sessions are varied, playful, and we will always measure progress by the quality and understanding of your movement, not the speed of completion and the competition usually associated with it.

6:00U.B. StrengthL.B. StrengthHandstandsConditioningFM Inspired8:00S. Mobility
9:30U.B. StrengthL.B. StrengthF.B. MobilityU.B. StrengthConditioning9:00FM Inspired
10:30HandstandsFM InspiredHandstands10:00Ground Work
12:00SeniorsGround WorkSeniorsGround Work10:00Handstands
17:10Ground WorkGround WorkGround Work
17:10HandstandsFM InspiredLocomotionU.B. StrengthConditioning
18:15Ground WorkGround Work
18:15U.B. StrengthL.B. StrengthU.B. StrengthHandstandsFM Inspired