T&D – Emmet Louis


Each week, the coaches of Aspen engage in a Training and Development session. This weekly session is a chance for our coaches to expand the understanding they each have of human movement, skill acquisition, and physical adaptation. These sessions – occasionally – are known for taking the coaches out of their comfort zones, with past sessions involving dancing, and even flying trapeze.


Recently, the team were grateful to find themselves receiving pointers from Emmet Louis – a teacher of movement who embraces the concept of open source learning and education. Emmet was visiting Perth to teach a two day workshop at Inspired Movement – a movement studio in Perth’s CBD. Emmet graciously took some time to have a brief chat with Aspen and provide some additional information to our coaches, as a sort of preamble to the workshop he was teaching a day later.


The workshop itself primary covered Flexibility and Mobility, and was widely enjoyed by all attendees. Among the participants was Aspen Coach Paul Twyman. He found the workshop to be extremely valuable, breaking a few of his mobility and flexibility personal bests. Paul will use this knowledge to better serve all future clients, whether it be in private coaching, classes, or courses.