Philosophy is tricky. Life is convoluted and it’s overly simplistic to condense everything into a couple of sentences. So rather than write for an age about the nuances of why we do what we do, its perhaps better to let senior coach Emma explain a small part of her journey:

“I used to train simply because I enjoyed it, now it is much more than that to me. All of the positive life habits I have created have all been rooted in my physical practice. The way I view things, the way I act, the way I communicate, has all been heavily influenced in a positive way by the things I have learnt from an on going and ever evolving physical practice.

We all have so much to offer yet the busy and chaotic nature of our modern world can block us from ever experiencing it. Life is busy, confusing, and a lot of the time overwhelming. I love to see people slowing down and taking time to respect themselves, their loved ones and the things that are truly important.

Your health and wellbeing is a huge factor in this as you cannot be there for others until you show up for yourself.” – Emma Robson.