When I was 17 I had a terrible car accident where I sustained many injuries on the left side of my body. I shattered my left lower leg which has never completely healed. “From my late 20’s to my 40’s I lived with chronic unexplained hip, back and knee pain, I was told that I would suffer from early arthritis so I accepted my pain as normal for someone who had been through what I had. I spent countless hours and a lot of money searching for answers and relief. I started in the usual place with Doctors, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists; I participated in Pilates and went to all the referrals I was recommended including seeing Bone Specialists and Rheumatologists. I have had X-Rays, MRI’s, dry needling, blood tests and cat scans all in search of some answers to my pain. The only answer or solution I had for my pain was it was caused from this accident and it had triggered an early onset of arthritis. For years I relied on hard pain-killers, often being bed bound for days with the pain in my hips or the migraines I also experienced.


I tried exercise in the past and found it un-maintainable as, at times it caused more pain and discomfort which made it impossible to continue. About 3 years ago I damaged my knee further  at work which prompted me to look at what I was doing and I made a decision to give up work for a while and concentrate on regaining my health and well being as I was finding it very hard living in constant pain. I had a  MRI’s on my left knee and I was advised that I needed a knee replacement  as the MRI showed I had a lot of things going on in my knee. I have a bakers cyst, a ganglion cyst, bursitis, tibial spurs, lack of cartilage and thickening of tendons. At this point I had started working closely with Emma (my daughter).  She challenged me to give her 6 weeks to make a difference. 6 weeks of doing everything she said and then to make a decision about the operation. Those 6 weeks are now well behind me and I have progressed leaps and bounds above what I ever imagined possible. I was searching for some relief but never thought I would regain my movement ability.


It was not an over night fix, and I can tell you now it meant doing the work every single day, but after years of spending money and being on medications I was willing to do anything. I am now in control of how I feel and have been completely medication free for 4 years. My migraines have gone, and when my hip joint pain does flare up occasionally I now know how to alleviate it and fix it without dangerous medication. As for my knee, a replacement isn’t even on the radar and I can run, squat, lunge, handstand, climb, play and more. I feel confident joining in with the classes at my facility and I know how to make my body and mind feel good day–to-day.


In the process I have learnt so much about feeding the body, fighting inflammation, avoiding toxin and combining this with a movement approach taught to me by Emma. With all the specialists I had seen, no one once spoke to me about the role nutrition can have in combating the arthritis and chronic joint pain.  All of the work I need to do I can do from home but I still continue to work privately and in small groups with Emma to continue to pursue goals and challenge my limitations I’ve placed on myself.


I can honestly say that none of this would of been possible without the knowledge I have had passed onto me through my training with Emma. I am 52 years old and feel better than I did at 30.


Over the past 20 years from about the age of twenty I’ve suffered with unexplained chronic back pain with many acute bed-ridden episodes in between. […]

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If you only take one thing from this, let it be that Emma is a truly inspirational person who helps you achieve great results through […]

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Emma BlockeySenior Coach

Emma Blockey is a Senior Coach and a co-founder of Aspen Coaching. She has worked in the health and fitness industry for over ten years. […]

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