Your body is intended to move. You have evolved to efficiently support and adapt yourself to your surroundings in order to survive. However now, in an age where cars take us to where we want to be, food is delivered to our doors and chairs support our weight for extended periods of time, we find ourselves in pain, sore, slow, sick, inflexible, tired, weak, injury-prone, and immobile.


Why? Because we deprive the body of what it is meant to do – move.


Ido Portal – founder of the Ido Portal Movement Culture, and one of our mentors and great inspirations – says it clearly, “Live life more dynamically. MOVE. MORE.”



How can Movement help me?


Movement Coaching will teach you about your body. It will teach you awareness, both spatially and internally. Our coaching will teach you to lengthen and strengthen full range of motions, to increase complexities of movements and concepts, and to be responsible for how you feel day to day.


We work with clients for a variety of reasons. A lot of people who are experienced with ‘exercise’ end up working with us to get themselves out of ongoing injuries, long term strength plateaus, and acquire new skills. We also work closely with physiotherapists, osteopaths and joint specialists in order to bridge the gap between treatment and returning to sports, work, or just simply, life.

You can read what our clients have to say here.


What makes Aspen so different?


We are not purely focused on ‘weight loss’ and ‘fitness’ as personal trainers are commonly renowned for. These two sought after effects of exercise may be a nice by-product of hard work and consistency, but by no means are they the driving force behind – or the key indicator of – success.


Our coaches possess a vast array of experience, ranging from end stage rehabilitation to lifestyle and wellbeing. Each coach, while having a unique past, has found common ground with movement coaching. These experiences converge to form Aspen – a group striving to get people moving.


We are here to bring together knowledge, experiences, and to help as many people as possible. The dedication of every coach in our team to walk the talk, seek, and share, is what pulls us all together and keep us at the forefront of the industry.


You can meet our coaches here.